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Strategy plan 2019


The income planning includes:

  1. Participating in subsidy projects
  2. Paid advice orders
  3. Legacies and gifts
  4. Crowd-funding for well defined actions, to be published by the website and social media
  5. Congresses
  6. Property control

Major expenses will be agreed within the foundation board and regular financial control is carried out by the foundation’s treasurer.


Not actual, since all tasks are executed as volunteer work

Activities calendar:

Education and spreading of relevant knowledge

More than 85% of the population is not able to give a good explanation of biodiversity and its functions for society. Therefore it is decided to focus on wide range publicity. Examples include:

  1. Instruments for schools. Children of about 12 years old seem sensitive for distributing their own “just-absorbed” knowledge to their parents.
  2. Participation to relevant workshops and activities, in particular where the partially eroded expression “green” can be replaced by “bio-diverse” or “wild nature”
  3. Promote that small towns participate in sharing a part-time ecologist
  4. Companies working for the execution of communities’ “green works”, appear to have insufficient modern knowledge of ecology. This can be improved by informing relevant company associations
  5. Updating the knowledge of companies on the importance of the subject. Nature for Life has become a member of the EC platform Biodiversity & Business.
  6. Nature for Life is looking at the possibility of giving “meeting centres” a “biodiv certificate”, in case they fulfill minimum requirements of “meeting in nature”
  7. A high priority is given to creating, producing and distributing a series of short social media films for young people, each focusing on one biodiversity function or ecological service
  8. Cross-linking with similar organizations, for instance in relation with climate change, heat-in-the-city, etc.
  9. Spreading of knowledge with governmental entities for drinking water, agro and fishery
  10. Participating in research for objective measuring of biodiversity levels
  11. Symposia and congresses: co-organizing relevant congresses.
  12. Development of techniques to replace charcoal by biofuels avoiding deforestation
  13. Research on the possibilities making "ecocide" possible. Ecocide is a serious crime against ecosystems.
  14. All activities related to the mission of the foundation, like stimulating of nature in cities, vertical gardens, wild flower cultures, bee farms, roof gardens and action against stony gardens.

Finished activities in 2018: 

  1. Concepts for short internet films about nature's functions
  2. Knowledge absorption of the functioning of different layers in policy on the foundation’s objectives in different countries

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